IT-Based Mental Health Posyandu Training on Cadre Knowledge and Skill Levels in Bongkot Village


  • Husni Universitas Sari Mulia
  • Muhamad Ali


T, Skills, Knowledge, Posyandu


The mental health post is an integrated service center for patients with mental disorders. The continuity of the posyandu cannot be separated from the role of cadres, therefore the knowledge and skills of cadres are important in order to improve the quality of posyandu services. Public awareness of the importance of preventing patients who experience recurrence can encourage cadres to routinely carry out posyandu activities, besides that they also teach skills to ODGJ patients to increase their productivity. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of knowledge and skills of cadres in providing IT-based mental health posyandu services in Bongkot Village. This study uses a pre-post test design, sampling using purposive sampling technique, samples taken from cadres who meet the inclusion criteria, measuring instruments using cadres' knowledge level instruments and checklists to measure cadres' skill levels. The test used using Wilcoxon statistics. The results of the study showed that there was a change in the level of knowledge of the cadres, a significant value obtained was 0.001 less than p < 0.05. While the skills of cadres after receiving training obtained a significance value of 0.003 there is a significant increase in skills before and after training. This training can increase the knowledge of cadres regarding the benefits of using IT-based posyandu applications. In addition, cadres are trained to directly practice operating the posyandu application system so that the process of recording, reporting and monitoring patient progress becomes easier and more effective.




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