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Muhammad Rauf
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Purpose of Study: Stroke is a disease that harms function and occurs abruptly. That was caused by the lack or disturbance of blood that flowed to the brain, and it caused blood coagulation. Prevalence of Stroke (PERMIL) in the population age > 15 years old referred to province in 2013-2018 increased to 8,3%/1000 in 2013, and it became 14,7%/1000 population in 2018. Hypertension or high blood pressure was the elevation of somebody's systolic blood pressure >140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure >90 mmHg, measured regularly twice when the patient was in condition with adequate rest. Methodology: The research used a literature review focused on writing results related to topics or research variables. The data used in this research were from 15 international and national journals. Results: Based on journal results obtained and analyzed by the author, there were correlations between Hypertension and recurrent Stroke. Applications: As research reference material for future researchers, as well as adding knowledge and insight to stroke patients in preventing recurrent strokes.

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